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East Caucasian Tur, Capra caucasica cylindricornis
Our horses heaved and snorted as they pulled us up the steep, narrow ridge, deep in the forests of Lagodekhi. Their shoes occasionally struck protruding ridges of crumbling slate, leaving an eerie ring in the air. In other places, their hooves would churn the light soil and decaying leaves underfoot into an orange-brown mush. The [...]
Lagodekhi, Georgia
This blog post was written by David Morrison, former Executive Director of Caucasus Nature Fund, now Chair of CNF's Board of Directors  When I started CNF in 2008 I had no idea I would stay for over eight years or that, with Geof having now taken over as CNF’s Executive Director, I would take on a [...]
Bezoar goat (Capra aegagrus aegagrus) at Lagodekhi, Geogia
Camera-traps installed in the forests of Lagodekhi Protected Areas in Eastern Georgia have captured images of a Bezoar goat, months after an unprecedented Bezoar sighting in a different part of the reserve. Bezoar goats, which generally prefer dry and rocky habitats, have never been photographed in Lagodekhi Protected Areas and camera-trap images of a six-year [...]
Male Bezoar (Capra aegagrus aegagrus) at Lagodekhi, Georgia
Camera –traps installed in the forests of Lagodekhi Protected Areas in the mountains of Eastern Georgia have caught images of an unexpected visitor, sparking cautious optimism for biodiversity in the region. The camera traps, installed by local biodiversity NGO NACRES, and funded by Protected Areas financing mechanism, the Caucasus Nature Fund (CNF), were intended to [...]
Algeti National Park, Georgia
Not even a month has passed since Giorgi Aptsiauri, 25, joined the team of rangers in Algeti National Park, an hour’s drive from the Georgian capital Tbilisi. But having spent years already roaming the forests around his native Manglisi on the edge of the National Park, Giorgi came well prepared for the job. “It wasn’t [...]
Dilijan, Armenia
Meeting the Transcausian Trail’s Armenia staff in the glass-clad, ultra-modern setting of downtown Yerevan’s Impact Hub, it’s hard to imagine any of them spending next summer knee-deep in muddy mountain streams wielding shovels and pick-axes. Yet, it is precisely this contrast between the rustic and the polished, the tech-savvy and the hands-on, that makes this [...]
Procurement can often be a challenging task which demands the highest level of accuracy, and even the smallest mistake can have the most serious consequences. But Dilijan’s new procurement specialist, Arevik Dilanyan, 27, is taking her reporting duties in her stride and working closely with CNF’s team in Armenia to improve the quality of Dilijan’s [...]
The tournament in the village of Vakhani on the edges of Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, is a big affair, held every year at the end of August. At one end of the village football pitch, a young boy picks rocks and bits of turf out of a sand-filled wrestling ring, while a team of adjudicators weighs [...]
Red Deer (Cervus elaphus maral), Armenia
The Caucasian Red Deer (Cervus elaphus maral) was widespread in Armenia during the late 19th century, large populations could be found in forests across Armenia, including Dilijan National Park and in the Syunik Province’s Meghri, Bargushat and Zangezur ridges. The species became locally extinct in the 1950s and is today listed as critically endancgered (CR) in [...]
Biomonitoring with drone
CNF’s partner NACRES is currently developing and testing a drone device which will be used to monitor bio-diversity in Georgia’s Borjomi-Kharagauli national park. The custom-built device is currently being developed by a technology firm in Tbilisi, as part of a project co-funded by CNF and the GEF Small Grants Pogramme implemented by UNDP in Georgia. [...]
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