No temperate climate zone has more biodiversity per square kilometer than the Caucasus

A vast wilderness on Europe’s rim, the Caucasus ecoregion is one of the most biologically rich and culturally diverse regions on Earth. It’s recognized as one of only 35 “biodiversity hotspots” worldwide.

The Caucasus Nature Fund (CNF) is a conservation trust fund working to protect the Caucasus wilderness for future generations. Our mission is to contribute to the improved management and sustainable development of the Caucasus’ natural and cultural heritage by providing effective long-term funding support to the protected areas of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.
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Our Work
An introduction to our work and the region.
Spotlight Species
The Caucasian leopard is the rarest species in the ecoregion.  Widespread a century ago, today the leopard faces extinction.
Spotlight Park
Khosrov Forest Reserve holds more biodiversity than any other park in Armenia, including the very rare Caucasus Leopard.
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