CNF provides vital funding support for nature conservation in the stunning wilderness areas of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. These three countries form the core of an ecoregion that is one of the most biologically rich on Earth and are home to an unusually high number of endemic plant and animal species.

Azat River, Armenia © Wikimedia Commons


We began work in 2008 with a clear vision but limited funding (just €7.5 million). Determined and creative fundraising led to steady increases in our funding base which in turn permitted a gradual build-out of our program. Today we manage more than €35 million in assets that support an annual program of approximately €1.5 million. That remarkable success has made us a valued partner of the governments whose Protected Areas we support.


CNF provides matching grants for operating costs including salary supplements, essential equipment and maintenance of national parks and nature reserves in the region. In addition, we support the development of management plans, biodiversity monitoring systems and sustainable economic development through ecotourism programs.

Working in partnership with the national governments, we provide continuing support – both to assure basic funding for the long-term and to build local capacities so that management effectiveness in the parks is permanently improved.



Canyon near Samshvilde, Algeti National Park

By Joseph Alexander Smith   It’s like a lost city of Atlantis, though instead of being hidden under water, it is enveloped in thick forest, teetering above steep …

Marsh Marjan Award Certificate

In early November, the Caucasus Nature Fund’s (CNF) Executive Director Geof Giacomini was in London to accept the one-of-a-kind Marsh Marjan Award – which recognizes the contributions of …

Board of CNF at Signature Ceremony, November 2019

Over the past 10 years the Caucasus Nature Fund has provided nearly 10 million Euro of funding directly to improve the management of and conservation outcomes in the …

Mtirala National Park © APA, Georgia

It’s early October and – apart from a light mist curling up the verdant foothills of the Adjara-Imereti Mountain Range – the skies above the Georgian Black Sea …


CNF is a conservation trust fund created to safeguard the Caucasus ecoregion—one of the most biologically rich and diverse areas on Earth. Initially established in 2007 by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), through the KfW Development Bank (KfW), Conservation International and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), today we are a multi-stakeholder organization.

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