Tobias Muenchmeyer and Geof Giacomini at Truso Gorge, Kazbegi National Park
Press release (embargoed to Dec. 13th, 21:00 CET) Tbilisi, December 14th, 2020 - Tobias Muenchmeyer has started today as Executive Director of the Caucasus Nature Fund (CNF), taking over the management of the project offices in Tbilisi, Georgia and Yerevan, Armenia. He succeeds Geof Giacomini, who is leaving CNF after 5 years. Tobias Muenchmeyer, new [...]
Implemented by the Caucasus Nature Fund, the "Enhancing Financial Sustainability of the Protected Areas System in Georgia" project provides financial, operational and technical support to the Agency of Protected Areas (APA) for 12 target PAs in Georgia. A crucial component of this technical assistance is the support for biodiversity monitoring and in late September and [...]
Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park Hut For Hikers
In Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park’s Nedzvi Reserve, a hiking trail and camping infrastructure are currently being built and are expected to be completed in November. The work consists of a completely new 10 km long hiking trail (beginning at the rangers' checkpoint and moving in the direction of Mount Qarta and Mount Shuano), as well as [...]
Javakheti National Park. Photo: Netional Geographics Georgia, Elizabeth Streeter
By Joseph Alexander Smith   Javakheti National Park. Photo: National Geographics Georgia, Elizabeth Streeter It’s practically impossible to take a bad photo of Javakheti in summer. Much of the frame will inevitably be filled by the bright cerulean sky, brushed with cotton clouds. Then comes a band of volcanic mountain peaks in various shades of [...]
Dilijan National Park, Armenia
The mountains, forests and lakes of Armenia are some of the last true wilderness locations  in Europe and need to be protected from illegal poaching and logging, and climate change. Since 2010, the Caucasus Nature Fund has done just that – providing more than €5 million in financial assistance to improve management at selected Protected [...]
Geof Giacomini (CNF), Minister Davitashvili and Valerian Mchedlidze (APA) with signed agreement.
Georgia’s Agency of Protected Areas (APA) performs the critical function of managing its precious Protected Areas’ (PAs) system. From Prometheus Cave to Borjomi-Kharagauli, APA is responsible for maintaining protection against poaching and illegal logging, ensuring visitors’ safety and promoting the value of Georgia’s most beautiful asset – its nature. Like most of the world, Georgia [...]
Canyon near Samshvilde, Algeti National Park
By Joseph Alexander Smith   It’s like a lost city of Atlantis, though instead of being hidden under water, it is enveloped in thick forest, teetering above steep limestone cliffs. A narrow road, enclosed on both sides by high stone walls, takes you towards the heart of Samshvilde – in medieval times a thriving city, [...]
Marsh Marjan Award Certificate
In early November, the Caucasus Nature Fund’s (CNF) Executive Director Geof Giacomini was in London to accept the one-of-a-kind Marsh Marjan Award – which recognizes the contributions of individuals or organizations for their work on conservation issues in conflict areas. Sponsored by the Marsh Christian Trust (MCT) in partnership with the Marjan Center for the [...]
Board of CNF at Signature Ceremony, November 2019
Over the past 10 years the Caucasus Nature Fund has provided nearly 10 million Euro of funding directly to improve the management of and conservation outcomes in the Protected Areas’ (PAs) systems of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. On November 7th, CNF and Germany’s Development Bank KfW signed an agreement for an additional contribution to CNF [...]
Mtirala National Park © APA, Georgia
It’s early October and – apart from a light mist curling up the verdant foothills of the Adjara-Imereti Mountain Range – the skies above the Georgian Black Sea resort town of Kobuleti, are unseasonably clear. Chasing the last rays of summer sun and an off-season drop in prices, a handful of tourists from neighboring Russia [...]
Trapped Tur, ready for getting a collar
In 1887, the British traveler and diplomat, Oliver Wardrop, crossed the fertile Alazani valley in search of adventure in the forested mountains above the small town of Lagodekhi in Eastern Georgia. Commenting on the view across the valley from his lodgings in Sighnaghi, Wardrop noted “the grand Caucasus mountains, rising like a wall from the [...]
Signing Ceremnony Azerbaijani Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources and CNF
On 5th of March, the Caucasus Nature Fund signed a Framework Agreement with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Geof Giacomini, Executive Director of the Caucasus Nature Fund said, “Signing this agreement with the Ministry will allow CNF to begin developing a strategy with the government on how to [...]
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