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Algeti National Park, Georgia
Not even a month has passed since Giorgi Aptsiauri, 25, joined the team of rangers in Algeti National Park, an hour’s drive from the Georgian capital Tbilisi. But having spent years already roaming the forests around his native Manglisi on the edge of the National Park, Giorgi came well prepared for the job. “It wasn’t [...]
Dilijan, Armenia
Meeting the Transcausian Trail’s Armenia staff in the glass-clad, ultra-modern setting of downtown Yerevan’s Impact Hub, it’s hard to imagine any of them spending next summer knee-deep in muddy mountain streams wielding shovels and pick-axes. Yet, it is precisely this contrast between the rustic and the polished, the tech-savvy and the hands-on, that makes this [...]
Procurement can often be a challenging task which demands the highest level of accuracy, and even the smallest mistake can have the most serious consequences. But Dilijan’s new procurement specialist, Arevik Dilanyan, 27, is taking her reporting duties in her stride and working closely with CNF’s team in Armenia to improve the quality of Dilijan’s [...]
Armenians have long referred to the resort town of Dilijan – with its green forested mountains and quaint stone houses – as a ‘Little Switzerland’ in the Caucasus Mountains. And it seems the nickname is becoming more apt, with a local development fund carrying out an ambitious project to turn this sleepy little spa town [...]
In the South Caucasus, as in many places around the world, it’s taken as a given that governments should be directly involved in managing protected areas and landscapes. But in Armenia, seven years after it was founded, Gnishik Community-Managed protected area is proving successfully that other models can also work in the fight against bio-diversity [...]
Female caspian red deer (Cervus elaphus maral), Armenia
The Caucasus Nature Fund is supporting an exciting new initiative to re-introduce Caucasian Red Deer to Armenia, decades after the species became locally extinct. A new breeding center in Dilijan National Park is expected to produce enough animals over the next five years to be released back into their natural habitat. The re-introduction project is [...]
Having work experience in sustainable and eco-tourism in their respective homelands of Germany and Estonia, Margarete (Greta) Hartmannsberger, 28, and Meriliis (Liis) Kotkas, 23, have become the latest members of a dedicated team developing the tourist infrastructure in Georgia’s Tusheti National Park. The pair answered a call for volunteers posted by the Tusheti Protected Areas [...]
Salome Idoidze
Patience, charm and a good sense of humour are all desirable qualities in a park ranger. Luckily, Salome Idoidze, 23—Georgia’s only female ranger serving in Tusheti National Park high in the Caucasus mountains—has all these qualities in abundance. When we meet, Salome leafs through a pile of photographs of her riding a horse against a [...]
Winter in Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, Georgia
The mountainous Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park in central Georgia is offering visitors a chance to experience the park’s stunning winter landscapes with a new snow-shoe trail—the first of its kind in Georgia. It is believed that snow-shoes were invented as long ago as 4 000 BC in mountainous parts of Central Asia. The most common form [...]
Mitrala National Park, Georgia
Adjara on the shores of the Black Sea. From the subtropical coastline, dotted with citrus plantations and seaside resorts, the lesser Caucasus Mountains rise impressively, their cloudy peaks already capped with snow in late November. Nestled in the foothills of these mountains is Mtirala National Park, one of Georgia’s youngest national parks, founded in 2007. [...]
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