The Bank of Georgia renewed their support for CNF’s work in Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park (BKNP) in Georgia. This latest grant makes the Bank of Georgia our largest corporate donor.

Bank of Georgia supports CNF and Georgia NatureThe Bank of Georgia has supported CNF’s work in BKNP since 2010 with financial support totaling $300,000. Among other things, Bank of Georgia’s funding has financed the rehabilitation of the aging BKNP visitors center, creating a modern and attractive facility in which to receive tourists and engage with schools and the local community.

BKNP is Georgia’s flagship park, its 85,047 hectares are located in the heart of the Lesser Caucasus. The park’s diverse forests include rare, endemic species of chestnut, oak and yew. No less rich in fauna, BKNP is home to wolves, bears and lynx. Golden eagles and Griffon vultures are just two of the park’s important bird species and there are also more than 100 species of butterfly.

The Bank of Georgia’s 2013 funding will help support the development and implementation of a pilot biodiversity monitoring system in BKNP which will monitor the populations of park’s most threatened species and analyze the threats and impacts from human interaction and changing environmental conditions.

CNF is grateful for the Bank of Georgia’s continued support; their commitment is a great example of how companies can be engaged in wilderness protection.

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