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We are very pleased to announce that TBC Bank is our latest private sector partner. TBC, one of Georgia’s largest banks, has agreed to work in cooperation with CNF and the Agency of Protected Areas and other stakeholders to upgrade the riding and trekking trail connecting the spectacular mountain regions of Tusheti and Khevsureti. 

TBC BankIn north-eastern Georgia, situated on the slopes of the Greater Caucasus mountains, are the high mountain regions of Tusheti and Khevsureti. Along the border with the Russian republics of Chechnya and Dagestan, this area remains the country’s most remote and pristine high mountain landscape. Every summer, nature lovers and adventure tourists from around the world traverse the flowering mountain pastures and forested valleys to explore the fantastic mountain defensive towers that dot the cliffs and valleys.

This spectacular landscape is not for the average day hiker, from Tbilisi it is a five hour drive up the rough and winding Abano Pass. Only open from June to October the pass reaches 2,926m before travelers reach the remote village of Omalo.

From Omalo visitors can find a variety of easier walks, but also serious trekking and riding opportunities. These include the spectacular Borbalo pass trail, connecting Omalo in the Tusheti region and Shatili in the Khevsureti region. The three-four day trail takes trekkers and riders through parts of Tusheti Protected Areas’ 113,660 ha of vast mountain pastures and virgin pine forests.
The first phase of the Borbalo pass trail project will focus on refurbishing the trail itself, including new trail marking and signage. The second phase, proposed for summer 2014 will focus on the trails lack of any infrastructure. The aim is to construct an overnight shelter and camp site on the border between the two regions. CNF and the Agency of Protected Areas will support with logistics and ongoing maintenance work once the refurbishment is complete.

TBC Bank and TBC Fund

TBCTBC Bank via its foundation the TBC Fund  is dedicated to contributing to the overall well-being of people throughout Georgia. The TBC Fund was established in 2008 to help preserve Georgian history and natural heritage, promote national values, create opportunities in arts and culture, and foster a brighter future for Georgian refugees.

CNF is deeply grateful to TBC for its commitment to this project, and we look forward to making this spectacular trail one of the world’s most unique trekking and riding destinations.


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