ProCredit Bank in Georgia renewed their support for CNF’s work in Lagodekhi Protected Areas. This latest grant makes ProCredit one of our oldest corporate donors.

ProCredit SigningLagodekhi’s remote 24,451 hectares are situated in the greater Caucasus Range and reach heights of 3000 meters. First established in 1912 it’s Georgia’s oldest protected area. Rivers and waterfalls are abundant here, flowing from the high mountains into the wooded lower zone, which includes virgin forests of beech and hornbeam virgin forests. The alpine valleys are home to the chamois and endemic East Caucasian tur and red deer, all of which are listed on the IUCN Red List.

ProCredit has supported CNF’s work in Lagodekhi since 2010. Their funding has helped support the recurring operating costs of the park, including salary supplements to provide a living wage to rangers, patrol vehicles and visitor facility refurbishment.

To further their contribution, ProCredit has played an important role in addressing litter and waste in the park. In 2011, ProCredit distributed waste receptacles around  the park entrance and visitors center. They also conduct yearly park clean up days as part of their contribution to the park.

CNF is grateful for ProCredit’s continued support; their commitment is a great example of how companies can be engaged in wilderness protection.

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