Zangezur Biosphere Complex


Established in 2013, the Zangezur Biosphere Complex combined Arevik National Park, Shikahogh State Reserve and a number of nature sanctuaries under one protected area unit, making it one of the region’s largest protected areas. The park’s 79,420 hectares includes priority conservation areas that house important habitat for the Caucasus leopard, Bezoar goat, Armenian mouflon and many other threatened species.

The park’s Plane Grove Sanctuary holds the largest natural grove of oriental plane trees in the Caucasus. A number of thousand year old trees form the sanctuary’s core along the Tsav river. The sub-alpine meadows and meadow-steppe ecosystems found in the Zangezur Sanctuary hold vital habitat for one of the oldest symbols of Armenia—the Armenian mouflon. And recent sightings of the leopard along the border with Azerbaijan give us hope that the leopard population is returning to Armenia and the region.

CNF Support

Supported since: 2014
Grant amount: €280,000

Recent Projects and Investments:

  • Crucial funding for operating costs.
  • Emergency funding to fill a shortfall during the merging of Arevik and Shikahogh.
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