Lake Arpi National Park


Lake Arpi National Park is situated in the North-Western corner of Republic of Armenia, and includes wetlands, meadow-steppes and sub-alpine meadows ecosystems of Javakhq-Shirak Plateau and Lake Arpi basin. It is a habitat for 670 species of vascular plants, including a number of endemics of the Caucasus and Armenia, as well as 255 species of vertebrate animals, from which more than 10 included in the IUCN Red List. The park is the only habitat for the Darevski’s viper in the world and its wetlands and grasslands are an important stopping point for many migratory birds. The Park is home to the largest colony of Armenian gull in the world and the only breeding site of Dalmatian pelican in Armenia.

CNF Support

Supported since: 2012
Grant amount: €263,000

Recent Projects and Investments:

  • Emergency funding during the start up and establishment of the park.
  • Support for rangers, including salary and equipment.
  • Patrolling vehicles and equipment.
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