Lagodekhi Protected Areas


Lagodekhi’s remote 24,451 hectares are situated in the greater Caucasus Range and reach heights of 3000 meters. First established in 1912 it’s Georgia’s oldest protected area. Rivers and waterfalls are abundant here, flowing from the high mountains into the wooded lower zone, which includes virgin forests of beech and hornbeam virgin forests. The alpine valleys are home to the chamois and endemic East Caucasian tur and red deer, all of which are listed on the IUCN Red List. Other animals include, wolves, brown bear and lynx the Caucasian black grouse and snowcock.

CNF Support

Supported since: 2011
Grant amount: €540,000 (2011-2017)

Recent Projects and Investments:

  • Major refurbishment of the the visitor’s center and administrative building
  • Improvement and maintenance of over 50 km of tourist and patrol trails
  • Improved monitoring and patrolling; new patrol vehicles, GPS units, camera traps
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