Lagodekhi Protected Areas


Lagodekhi Protected Areas is located on the slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains and stretches from humid and thickly-forested gorges up to steep alpine meadows as high as 3,000 meters above sea level. The inherent value of the region’s virgin forests of beech and hornbeam, with their rich variety of plant and animal life, was recognized as early as 1912, when Lagodekhi became the region’s first official Protected Area. The forested lower zones are home to roe deer, wild boar and brown bear, while the alpine highlands are home to the one of the largest populations of East Caucasian Tur in the country (an IUCN Red List species). Highlights of a visit to Lagodekhi include the impressive Ninoskhevi Waterfall, or a hike up to Black Rocks Lake, which straddles the mountain border between Georgia and the Russian Federation. Two tourist shelters allow visitors to overnight in the mountains and there are a number of accommodation options near the entrance to the Protected Areas in the town of Lagodekhi.

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