Khosrov Forest State Reserve


Khosrov Forest State Reserve is located in the mountainous terrain of central Armenia, and claims to be one of the oldest Protected Areas in the world – in the 4th century the area was designated as a royal reserve by King Khosrov Kotak specifically with the aim of maintaining the natural climatic conditions of neighbouring regions. The park’s rocky cliffs and mixed forests of juniper, oak, ash and maple are home to 1,849 plant species – more than half of the flora of Armenia and 1/3 of Caucasus Ecoregion – as well as brown bear,  bezoar goat and Caucasian leopard. Visitors will be charmed by the natural and cultural treasures of Garni, the village at the northern entrance to the park, with its 1st century pagan temple and ‘Symphony of Stones’ monument – a natural formation of hexagonal strips of rock that vaguely resembles a massive pipe organ. Hikers in the park can take in the spectacular sites of Vahagn and Astghik Waterfalls.

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