Khosrov Forest Reserve


Established in 1958 and just 20 kilometers from Yerevan, Khosrov Forest Reserve is Armenia’s flagship park. The park’s 23,213 hectares of mountainous terrain protect habitat for 1,849 species of high vascular plants (more than half of the flora of Armenia) including 24 endemic species and over 280 species of animal including, Bezoar goat, Brown bear, Black vulture, Caspian snowcock, Armenian viper. 11 species are registered on the IUCN Red List.

CNF Support

CNF awarded Khosrov €252,100 over three years (2010-2012). Funds will be used to supplement salaries, purchase equipment (such as computers, cameras, binoculars and saddles for horses), tourism programs and various monitoring and public education activities.

CNF will renew support for 2013 with a single year grant. Funds will support basic park operations and living wage supplements for the 40 park rangers and staff members. A portion of the funding will help build a ranger shelter.

Khosrov Forest Reserve | Caucasus Nature Fund