Kazbegi National Park


Kazbegi is located in the Greater Caucasus Mountains, it owes it’s name to Mt. Kazbek or Mqinvartsveri which is Georgian for ice mountain. The park totals 9,030 hectares and includes Mt. Kazbek, which is Georgia’s third highest peak and 5,047 meters.. Only 35% on the park is covered by forest, the rest is snow-covered peaks, jagged basalt rocks and alpine pastures that are home to the east Caucasian tur and chamois as well as endemic bird species such as the Caucasian grouse and snowcock.

Despite the lack of tourism infrastructure, Kabegi National Park is one of the most visited  protected areas of Georgia. Hikers and backpackers from around the word come to the park to witness it’s awe inspiring beauty.

CNF Support

Supported since: 2015
Grant amount: €60,000

Recent Projects and Investments:

  • Support for rangers, including salary and equipment.
  • Patrolling vehicles and equipment.
Kazbegi National Park | Caucasus Nature Fund