Javakheti Protected Areas


Javakheti Protected Areas is located on a high volcanic plateau that straddles Georgia, Armenia and Turkey. This unique landscape is characterized by low volcanic mountains and wide, calm lakes that mirror the skies above. These lakes and wetlands provide a natural resting spot for a staggering variety of migratory bird species – the Protected Area’s key attraction. Apart from the ubiquitous stork – which nests on electricity poles and roods in nearly every village – cranes, white pelicans and even flamingos can be spotted here. Birdwatchers can observe Kartsakhi lake from a converted Border Guard Watchtower, and hikers can explore the monumental Kumurdo Monastery or the ruined fortress at Abuli, with its ancient cyclopean masonry. Tourists can experience local hospitality in one of several village homestays, and a visit to the region could also include the cave monastery of Vardzia, 40 km away.


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