Javakheti Protected Areas


Javakheti is located in southern Georgia along the border with Armenia and Turkey. The park occupies 16 209 hectares, which include unique volcanic mountains, grassland steppe, an abundance of lakes as well as sub alpine meadows. Established in 2011, the ecosystem is recognized as a globally important staging and breeding ground for migratory and resident bird species, of which several are listed as endangered in the IUCN Red Data Book. Together with Lake Arpi in Armenia the two parks make up one the first trans-boundary protected area in the region and both are considered hotspots for bird watching.

CNF Support

Supported since: 2015
Grant amount: €90,000 euros (2015-2017)

Recent Projects and Investments:

  • Support for promotional videos.
  • Support for rangers, including salary and equipment.
  • Patrolling vehicles and equipment.
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