Hirkan National Park


Located on the shores of the Caspian Sea in South-east Azerbaijan, Hirkan is one of region’s truly unique protected areas. Ninety percent of the park’s 40,358 hectares are covered by deciduous forest and include virgin forests virtually untouched for millions of years. The region’s subtropical climate make for a lush green landscape. There are over 150 tree and shrub species including, chestnut oak and ironwood trees, as well as Hyrcanian figs and pears in the lowlands. Oriental beech trees and box trees dominate in the higher elevations.

Hirkan protects a number of animal species including the Caucasian leopard.

CNF Support

  • Supported since: 2015
  • Grant amount: €100,000

Recent Projects and Investments:

  • Infrastructure refurbishment and maintenance.
Hirkan National Park - Caucasus Nature Fund
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