Dilijan National Park


Dilijan National Park is located in northeastern Armenia, on the Pambak, Aregouni and Miapor mountain ranges. Its mountain peaks, dense forests and curative mineral springs, amongst which the attractive town of Dilijan is nestled, have earned Dilijan the title of “Little Switzerland” among proud locals. Its mixed forests and mountain slopes are home to black grouse, brown bear and lynx, although the local population of red deer has suffered significantly from overhunting. To remedy this situation, Dilijan is the site of an ongoing CNF-supported red deer re-introduction program implemented by WWF Armenia, with a special breeding center located deep in the park’s oak and beech forests. The region is full of historical and cultural heritage sites, and apart from the town of Dilijan itself, tourists can visit the forested Parz (‘Pure’) and Goshi Lakes or the 12th century monastery complex Goshavank and 13th century Haghartsin.


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