Road to Tusheti, © NACRES

As the first snow fell in the Greater Caucasus range, CNF program manager, Tea Barbakadze, headed to Tusheti Protected Areas for a peak at the park’s latest refurbishments and to discuss plans for next year.

Tusheti Visitors Center, © NACRES
Tusheti is one of Georgia’s most pristine natural areas and also one of the most remote. The park’s 113,660 ha of high mountain terrain is situated along the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus range, on Georgia’s border with Chechnya to the north and Dagestan to the east and is home to a number of endemic and priority plant and animal species, including: Bezoar goat, Caucasian tur, Chamois, Black grouse and Caucasian snowcock. The park is only open for about four months a year (June-September). The first snow usually arrives in early October closing the mountain pass. CNF is supporting Tusheti with a €254,000 grant over three years (2012-14). Funds will support maintenance, infrastructure refurbishment and development of an ecotourism program. This year CNF funds paid for the much needed refurbishment of the administration building and visitors’ center, viewing point, ranger shelter and informational signs.

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