Arevik NP © WWF Armenia/A. Malkhasyan

Arevik NP © WWF Armenia/A. Malkhasyan

Arevik National Park

Arevik National Park, including Boghaqar sanctuary, totals 34,400 hectares in South-eastern Armenia. Established in October 2009, it is one of the region’s newest protected areas. The park employs 31 rangers and staff members and provides critical habitat for the highly endangered Caucasus leopard and a variety of important ecosystems, including Juniper open woodlands, sub-alpine and alpine meadows, mountain steppe and semi-desert.

Recent sightings in Southern Armenia and Azerbaijan give us hope that the leopard population is returning to Armenia and the region. Along with the leopard, Arevik is home to the endangered Bezoar goat, Armenian mouflon, brown bear and Caspian snowcock.

CNF Support

In 2010, CNF made an initial award to Arevik on an emergency basis to fill a shortfall when the national park was created. In 2011, this was converted to a three-year grant for €170,000 to support the park’s basic operating costs, including living wages for rangers and equipment purchases.