• David Morrison, Chairman CNF

David Morrison


David Morrison divides his time between three main activities: a Georgian government initiative to green the country’s environment and economy; nature conservation; and public company board duties.

In April 2019 David was named Georgia’s first Environmental Ombudsman.  Working directly with the Prime Minister’s office, David and his team will be an independent voice within government responsible for pushing Georgia’s green agenda, addressing key environmental challenges including air pollution, and advocating for green technology and solutions to promote sustainable development.

David’s nature conservation work is focused on conservation finance through three foundations:

  • Caucasus Nature Fund (national parks in the Caucasus)–Chairman of the Supervisory Board
  • Blue Action Fund (oceans)–Management Board Member
  • Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust (protected areas in the southwest Balkans)–Supervisory Board Member

David previously acted as Executive Director of all three foundations.  Visit: www.caucasus-naturefund.org, www.blueactionfund.org and www.pont.org for more.


David also serves on the Board of Directors of two London Stock Exchange listed companies in Georgia:

  • Georgia Capital, the country’s largest investment group; and
  • Georgia Health Care Group, Georgia’s largest operator of hospitals and clinics.

He acts as Senior Independent Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee of both companies.

David previously worked for 28 years as a business and financial lawyer at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, where he served as co-managing partner of the firm’s Continental European offices.  David was widely recognized as a leading lawyer in Germany and France.

A US citizen, David has a B.A. from Yale College (1974), a law degree from UCLA (1978), and was a Fulbright scholar at the University of Frankfurt.  He has lived most of his adult life in France and Germany currently lives in Paris. He is married and has five children.

David Morrison | Caucasus Nature Fund