Consultant to prepare the Management Plan for Khosrov Forest State Reserve, Armenia

Consultant to prepare the Management Plan for Khosrov Forest State Reserve, Armenia

Consultancy details:

Position: Consultant to prepare the Management Plan for Khosrov Forest State Reserve, Armenia
Organization: CNF, Caucasus Nature Fund
Location: Armenia (though can consider home-based with trips to Armenia)
Submission deadline: COB Tbilisi, Georgia (UTC/GMT +3h) on 24 October, 2016

Summary scope of work

  • Oversee, support and implement data collection and information analysis, including field- and desk research and analysis on the environmental, biodiversity, socio-economic and cultural features of KFSR and its surroundings, taking into account the national and international legislative-regulatory and institutional framework.
  • Develop the Situation Analysis for KFSR-SNCO, specifically the description of its natural environmental features, the current condition of important ecosystems and biodiversity values, pressures, threats and impacts.
  • Review the external boundaries (mostly the same as when established in 1958) of KFSR-SNCO based on a current/modern understanding of priority ecosystem and biodiversity values, pressures and threats, and develop a proposal for any changes, if and as needed.
  • Analyze the current management situation of the KFSR-SNCO, specifically the efficiency and effectiveness of performance in accordance with the 2010-2014 KFSR-MP and subsequent ad-hoc plans for 2014-2016. Specific attention shall be paid to programmatic activities related to administration, protection and conservation, monitoring and science, visitors, education and outreach, as well as financing and budgeting. Identify reasons for non-accomplishment (if any) of activities, outputs and outcomes as planned.
  • Evaluate KFSR-SNCO’s current staffing, infrastructure and material resources, financial resources available and expected, human and institutional competences and capacities, and identify any gaps and/or needs.
  • Convene stakeholder meetings, workshops and consultations, including but not necessarily limited to line Ministries, PA authorities, NGOs, communities, CBOs, academic and research institutes, private sector, and local community representatives. The number, format, thematic focus, location, participants and timing of stakeholder meetings shall be agreed with CNF during the Inception Phase. Costs related to the organization of meetings and workshops shall be incorporated in the detailed breakdown of costs provided in the Application Package.
  • Participate in relevant presentations and stakeholder consultations on the full draft KFSR-MP, the number, location, timing and participants to be agreed upon after approval by CNF of the first draft KFSR-MP.
  • Revise the first draft KFSR-MP to incorporate comments received during the stakeholder consultation process, including from CNF, the KFSR SNCO administration, the MoNP as well as other government or relevant stakeholders, and to deliver the full second draft KFSR-MP to CNF.
  • Prepare and send to “Environmental Expertise” SNCO the final draft KFSR-MP and relevant documents for environmental impact assessment (EIA).
  • Participate in the Public Hearings during Environmental Impact Assessment process.
  • Incorporate comments and suggestions from the public hearings in the final draft (if needed and complete final revision of document).
  • Deliver to CNF the final KFSR-MP.

Key qualifications:

  • A university degree (BSc or MSc) or advanced professional working experience related to conservation management or related fields – biology, ecology, forestry, environmental/natural resources management, landscape management, etc.
  • Organizations, not only individuals, with relevant experience in biology, ecology, forestry, environmental/natural resources management, landscape management, etc. are encouraged to apply.
  • At least 10 years of relevant professional experience in Protected Area or Forest management – planning and design, operations, evaluation.
  • Demonstrated hands-on experience in developing Management Plans for PAs according to international standards and good practice.
  • Excellent knowledge of/fluent in English, knowledge of Armenian and/or Russian will be considered an advantage.
  • Working experience in the South Caucasus, preferably in Armenia and specifically with Protected Area authorities is desirable.

Application procedure:

The Applicant is requested to submit a full Application Package in the English language, including at least the following:

  • Detailed Description of Approach (max. 3 pages) to deliver the outcomes sought, including an understanding of the work required, comments on the TOR (if any), description of proposed approach and methodology, main implementation activities, etc.
  • CVs of any expert/s proposed.
  • Proposed Work Plan, schedule of work and timetable, including missions.
  • Detailed breakdown of costs, including any VAT or other applicable taxes.

 An Application Package fulfilling instructions provided should be sent to, citing reference number CNF/2016/AM-016

Information on CNF and the detailed Terms of References can be found at: TOR AM-016

More information on the announcement can be obtained from Mr. Arman Vermishyan, CNF National Coordinator Armenia, at; or Mr. Joseph Alexander Smith, CNF Project Manager Consultancies at


Due to the large number of applications received for each of our positions, we regret that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.



Any proposal from a team of consultants or registered company will also be considered.

Consultant to prepare the Management Plan for Khosrov Forest State Reserve, Armenia - Caucasus Nature Fund