Corporate Support

Lake Arpi National Park © WWF-Germany/A. Heidelberg

Corporate Partners

Corporate partnership with CNF provides an ideal platform to engage employees, customers and clients by demonstrating commitment to the region’s people and natural environment:

  • Adopt a Park—underwrite annual conservation costs for a specific park.
  • Support a Project—such as species reintroduction, building ranger shelters or educational initiatives.
  • Gifts in Kind—harness your company’s products/ know-how to benefit  the region’s magnificent protected areas.

Benefits of sponsorship

  • Knowledge that you are ensuring the protection of one of only 34 biodiversity hotspots on the Planet.
  • Involve staff in volunteer events at one of the parks we support.
  • Exposure of your company—coverage of cooperation signing and corporate credits on the CNF website and social media pages.
  • On-site branding thru the Adopt a Park program.
  • Promoting awareness of responsible environmental practice among your customers and employees.
Corporate Support - Caucasus Nature Fund