Mission, Vision & Impacts

© WWF Germany/A. Heidelberg

© WWF Germany/A. Heidelberg

Mission,Vision & Impacts

Our Mission

By providing long-term support and management assistance for the protected areas of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, CNF seeks to conserve the unique flora, fauna and ecosystems of the Caucasus for future generations while at the same time improving the lives of local people today.

Our Vision

A Caucasus biodiversity hotspot where a rich natural heritage and diverse local cultures combine in harmony, so that the people and species of the region both thrive.

Our Impacts

CNF’s support ensures that basic operating needs are met in the region’s key protected areas. Our impacts as of 2014 include:

  • 14 protected areas, 635,000 hectares are safeguarded by CNF grants.
  • 467 park rangers and staff members receive a living wage with the help of CNF funding.
  • 26  tourist facilities were refurbished with CNF funding.
Mission, Vision & Impacts - Caucasus Nature Fund